4.2A. Conduction Through a Flat Slab or Wall

In this section Fourier's equation (4.1-2) will be used to obtain equations for one-dimensional steady-state conduction of heat through some simple geometries. For a flat slab or wall where the cross-sectional area A and k in Eq. (4.1-2) are constant, we obtained Eq. (4.1-10), which we rewrite as

Equation 4.2-1

This is shown in Fig. 4.2-1, where Δx = x2 - x1. Equation (4.2-1) indicates that if T is substituted for T2 and x for X2, the temperature varies linearly with distance, as shown in Fig. 4.2-1b.

Figure 4.2-1. Heat conduction in a flat wall: (a) geometry of wall, ...

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