6.2A. Equimolar Counterdiffusion in Gases

In Fig. 6.2-1 a diagram is given of two gases A and B at constant total pressure P in two large chambers connected by a tube where molecular diffusion at steady state is occurring. Stirring in each chamber keeps the concentrations in each chamber uniform. The partial pressure pA1 > pA2 and pB2 > pB1. Molecules of A diffuse to the right and B to the left. Since the total pressure P is constant throughout, the net moles of A diffusing to the right must equal the net moles of B to the left. If this is not so, the total pressure would not remain constant. This means that

Equation 6.2-1

Figure 6.2-1. Equimolar counterdiffusion of gases A and B.

The subscript z is often ...

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