Equilibrium and Henry's Law Constant. The partial pressure of CO2 in air is 1.333 × 104 Pa and the total pressure is 1.133 × 105 Pa. The gas phase is in equilibrium with a water solution at 303 K. What is the value of xA for CO2 in equilibrium in the solution? See Appendix A.3 for the Henry's law constant.

A1: Ans. xA = 7.07 × 105 mol frac CO2

Gas Solubility in Aqueous Solution. At 303 K the concentration of CO2 in water is 0.90 × 104 kg CO2/kg water. Using the Henry's law constant from Appendix A.3, what partial pressure of CO2 must be kept in the gas to prevent the CO2 from vaporizing from the aqueous solution?

A2: Ans. pA = 6.93 × 103 Pa (0.0684 atm)

Phase Rule for a Gas–Liquid System. For the system SO2–air–water, ...

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