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Trends Shaping the London Tech Scene

Book Description

London has been a world leader in finance, journalism, trade, the arts, and government for ages, but you don’t hear much about computer technology. With this report, you’ll learn that—while London is no Silicon Valley—the city’s tech scene over the past decade has not only pervaded all of its world-leading activities, it’s also created a vibrant, independent business environment of its own.

Author Andy Oram, Senior Editor at O’Reilly, provides a comprehensive view of the London tech scene—where it stands, what feeds its strengths, and who is participating.

This report explores:

  • London’s computer technologists: where in the world they come from, and how they got their skills
  • The strong tech community and rich meetup culture, particularly in the Python, Java, and PHP spaces
  • How London startups are breaking new ground on several recent innovations
  • The active role played by the Government Digital Service (GDS) in pursuing new projects
  • Why London tech companies stay small for a longer period than comparable US firms
  • Current speculations about how the Brexit will influence the tech community