5Christopher Campbell

“What are red team skills? When you list the skills that make someone a competent and effective attacker, you realize that those are the same skills that make someone a good server administrator, network engineer, or security practitioner.”

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Twitter: @obscuresec

Christopher Campbell has been doing security research for many years and has a few college degrees, industry certifications, and open source project contributions. He has also found a few bugs and given a few talks at conferences. Chris is currently the red team chief for ManTech ACRE and was formerly a member of the U.S. Army red team.

How did you get your start on a red team?

The opportunity to join the U.S. Army red team was a lot more luck than anything else. I was on the receiving end of an assessment 15 years ago before I had any idea that it was a possible career field. I decided to work on making myself marketable and reaching out to members of the red team community at conferences. I received a lot of helpful advice. I would like to think that it helped, but ultimately it was just applying for positions that seemed interesting, working through the interview process, and following up after being interviewed about where I needed to focus more attention. Once I got on the team, my true journey started.

What is the best way to get a red team job?

The best way to get any job that you want ...

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