10Ronald Eddings

“From my perspective, the best way to get a red team job is to get involved in the red team community.”

Closeup image of the Silicon Valley-based cybersecurity expert and blogger "Ronald Eddings."

Twitter: @ronaldeddings

Ronald Eddings is a Silicon Valley–based cybersecurity expert, blogger, and digital nomad whose ingenuity, dedication, and ambition have all earned him a reputation as a trusted industry leader. Over the course of his career, Ronald has garnered extensive experience working at various Fortune 500 companies and mentoring a multitude of fellow professionals. In addition to cybersecurity, he is well versed in software development, DevOps, and artificial intelligence. Currently, Ronald serves as a cyber fusion engineer at a cybersecurity startup and is an active contributor to several open source projects. He also holds a bachelor of science degree in information technology and an array of cybersecurity certifications.

How did you get your start on a red team?

My experience with red team, pentesting, and offensive operations came in phases. Before starting my career, I had a fortunate opportunity and became connected with hackers in the InfoSec community by being in the right places at the right times. When I first met Marcus J. Carey, I was still in high school and happened to be reading my first book on Linux.

Through Marcus, I met other hackers like Johnny Long, Marco Figueroa, Joe McCray, and many more. Through seeking and receiving ...

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