40Carl Vincent

“Smart people are smart people; they know how to write magical scripts that do amazing things, and blue teamers are probably even better at it than red teamers because they know their environments inside and out.”

Closeup image of the information security professional "Carl Vincent."

Twitter: @VYRU5

Carl has been a member of the professional information security industry for more than 10 years. His professional skill set spans a variety of disciplines that includes but is not limited to red cell operation, malware analysis, security infrastructure engineering, wireless assessment, and utility development for offensive security practices. As an ongoing participant in both the professional and nonprofessional hacker communities, he continues to work toward the advancement of both offensive and defensive security technologies by continuing to invest personal resources into research whenever he is able. Beyond the worlds of hacking and information security, Carl is a moderately accomplished musician, chef, craft spirit distiller, graphic artist, loving partner, and father.

How did you get your start on a red team?

As a security consultant at a small shop, I was partnered with two co-workers/longtime friends who wanted to get into the same full-spectrum work that I did. We ended up convincing our superiors to let us bid for a red team engagement at a major tech firm and won the bid. After heavily succeeding, we solicited approval ...

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