31Terence Jackson

“Many companies think that “checking the box” on compliance means they’re more secure.”

Closeup image of the chief information security offi cer at Thycotic Software LLC "Terence Jackson."

Twitter: @tjackson78 • Website: ttalkstech.com

Terence Jackson graduated from Howard University with a BBA in management information systems. He is currently the chief information security officer at Thycotic Software LLC and holds certifications from Thycotic, CyberArk, RSA, Oracle, and the Identity Management Institute. He has more than 17 years’ experience working in information technology and security for large and small federal contractors and as an independent consultant. Terence is also a Stars Mentor at MACH37, a Virginia-based cybersecurity accelerator. In his free time, he serves on the AV and Social Media Ministry at his church. He enjoys spending time with his wife and family, which includes his teenage son and five-year-old daughter. He’s also an avid Marvel movie watcher and enjoys technology news and research.

If there is one myth that you could debunk in cybersecurity, what would it be?

That compliance equals security. Many companies think that “checking the box” on compliance means they’re more secure.

What is one of the biggest bang-for-the-buck actions that an organization can take to improve its cybersecurity posture?

In my experience, removing local administrative privileges and application white/blacklisting goes a long way to improve security ...

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