64Dan Tentler

“Every time someone makes up a new word to make a sale or calls a vulnerability assessment a pentest, they’re hurting the whole industry.”

Closeup image of the executive founder and offensive security practice director of the Phobos Group “Dan Tentler.”

Twitter: @viss • Website: phobos.io

Dan Tentler is the executive founder and offensive security practice director of the Phobos Group. Dan has an established reputation in the industry for his innovative risk surface discovery projects and numerous speaking engagements. Dan and his team have conducted unique targeted attack simulations for companies in sectors including financial, energy, manufacturing and industrials, and various platform service providers. Dan routinely appears in the press to speak on new security risks and security industry development.

If there is one myth that you could debunk in cybersecurity, what would it be?

That compliance in any way helps companies be secure. One of the biggest problems we face as community members embedded in the industry is the perpetual stream of bogus information that comes from the news, charlatans, companies with “eager sales and marketing departments,” and other sources of information that are patently false, or otherwise purposely skewing information and reports. People misuse technical jargon all the time, and the topic we should really be concerned with is that companies will often do this on purpose to try to make sales, or salaciously solicit the media to get their ...

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