25Andrew Hay

Closeup image of the veteran cybersecurity executive “Andrew Hay.”

“I'm an analytical person, so I tend to rely on hard data as opposed to ‘gut feelings'.”

Twitter: @andrewsmhayWebsite: www.linkedin.com/in/andrewhay

Andrew Hay is a veteran cybersecurity executive, strategist, industry analyst, data scientist, threat and vulnerability researcher, and international public speaker with close to 25 years of cybersecurity experience across multiple domains. He prides himself on his ability to execute the security strategy of the company with which he works without neglecting business objectives and the needs of its customers. Andrew is the author of multiple books on advanced security topics and is frequently approached to provide expert commentary on industry developments. He has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Wired, USA Today, and CSO Magazine.

Do you believe there is a massive shortage of career cybersecurity professionals?

Yes and no. I believe that there is a shortage of entry-level cybersecurity professionals who are unable or unwilling to accept an entry-level role to start off in a particular company. Everyone wants to work on the cutting edge of technology and be compensated for it, but few people want to put in the work to start at the ground floor.

What's the most important decision you've made or action you've taken related to a business risk?

Knowing when to walk away. Whenever you're ...

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