32Rafal Los

Closeup image of the founder and host of the Down the Security Rabbithole Podcast “Rafal Los.”

“My philosophy is similar to that of many of my industry peers—I believe you can find a great security analyst making pizzas or pushing a broom.”

Twitter: @Wh1t3RabbitWebsite: www.linkedin.com/in/rmlos

Rafal Los is an industry innovator, strategist, and personality. His career spans 20+ years while working inside companies from a Fortune 10 to a firm of fewer than 10 employees. Rafal's strengths include providing strategic leadership, developing and refining market strategies, optimizing business processes, and bringing people together to solve complex problems.

Rafal is an active member of the Security Advisor Alliance, serving on the advisory board with the intent of creating innovative ways for security leaders to give back to their communities through service and knowledge sharing. Additionally, Rafal is a founder and host of the Down the Security Rabbithole Podcast—an industry podcast delivering a weekly office-friendly format since 2011. The podcast includes thought leadership and industry experts from government advisors to industry founders and everyone in between.

Do you believe there is a massive shortage of career cybersecurity professionals?

While I do believe that there is a shortage of cybersecurity professionals, I tend to be a pragmatist and don't buy into the general hysteria. For years, the “solution” to the problems security professionals ...

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