47Dan Tentler

Closeup image of the executive founder of Phobos Group “Dan Tentler.”

“The cold, hard reality is that one or two talented folks and some automation tooling could easily replace a SOC or security department of a dozen people who have no clue what they're doing.”

Twitter: @vissWebsite: phobos.io

Dan Tentler is the executive founder of Phobos Group. He has a long history of both attack and defense roles, as well as public speaking engagements and press interviews. Dan has made a name for himself and Phobos Group by approaching security from an entirely new direction, resulting in routine discoveries that have had a major impact on customers as well as the greater security landscape.

Do you believe there is a massive shortage of career cybersecurity professionals?

I think that there are several moving parts here and that it is not as simple as “there aren't enough people.” I think that the influx of candidates who are comfortable being dishonest when representing themselves and their abilities is polluting the job market. I also think that recruiters are amplifying this problem by forcing unqualified people into positions that require experience, and I also believe that businesses are happy to hire people who have little to no experience and call them “seniors,” because the vast majority of businesses in the United States are, for some reason, comfortable putting their safety and well-being into the hands of dilettantes.

It ...

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