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Tricks of the Rich

Book Description

Are you ready to become rich?
How do they do it - how do the rich get rich?
What do they do that’s so different from the rest of us?
We all do it, we slog away to make a living, after all it’s the only way… But, what if there was another way? A smarter way – a way that gives you more chance of making your dreams a reality? There is. And Paul Overy, self made millionaire and financial coach will show you how.
In simple and ordinary language, Tricks of the Rich will show you how the rich make think and manage money - and how you can apply this to your financial world. Overy will reveal the key golden rules that the rich live by; you’ll learn how to invest, save tax, use banks, and borrow in a way that will rapidly improve your chances of becoming wealthy.
It’s time for you to take control of your cash and gain your financial freedom.


MORTAGES: how to make money from property
TAX AVOIDERS: ways to pay less tax

CREDIT CARDS:  how to borrow wisely
PENSIONS: how to retire early
FINANCIAL ADVISERS: use them to your advantage
INTEREST RATES: haggle with your bank to get better results