eBay Business Profile: Historic View Postcards

Business Profile

Business name: Historic View Postcards

eBay ID: historic_view_postcards and historic_view_postcards2

Type of business: Historical postcards

Owner: Betsy Linhares and Samuel Mudd

Location: Inverness, Florida

Earlier in this book we profiled Yia Yia’s Attic, an eBay business specializing in ephemera, or paper-based collectibles. One of the most popular types of ephemera is postcards, which leads to our next business profile.

Betsy Linhares and Sam Mudd run Historic View Postcards, an eBay business that sells nothing but collectible postcards. It’s interesting to compare how Yia Yia’s Attic and Historic View Postcards are run; there are many similarities, along with a few differences. ...

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