eBay Business Profile: Balkowitsch Enterprises, Inc.

Business Profile

Business name: Balkowitsch Enterprises, Inc.

eBay ID: balkowitsch

eBay Store: stores.ebay.com/Balkowitsch-Enterprises-Inc

Website: www.balkowtisch.com

Type of business: Medical, health, wellness, fitness, and beauty items

Owner: Shane Balkowitsch

Location: Bismarck, North Dakota

Would you believe that one of the largest businesses on eBay is located in Bismarck, North Dakota? Or that it started by listing three items normally sold from a booth at a local antique mall? Or that it’s grown from $65 in sales its first month to more than $500,000 in sales a month today—fewer than 10 years later? Or that just six employees handle all those sales?

It’s true. Balkowitsch Enterprises ...

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