eBay Business Profile: Dedicated Fool Store

Business Profile

Business name: The Dedicated Fool

eBay ID: RatherRuss

eBay Store: stores.ebay.com/THE-DEDICATED-FOOL

Website: www.dedicatedfool.com

Type of business: CDs, vinyl, and cassettes

Owner: Russ Ketter

Location: Middlesex, North Carolina

Russ Ketter is an interesting guy. He started in the music retail business in 1970, in Berkeley, California. Russ’s record store in Berkeley was a happening place; Patti Smith’s first west coast gig was just upstairs, and The Police, Blondie, Genesis, and tons of other bands came through his store for autograph parties.

That Berkeley store is long gone, unfortunately, and today Russ lives in North Carolina and sells music online via his eBay Store. It’s ...

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