Chapter 10. Tricks for Expanding Your eBay Business

As you gain experience selling on eBay, you want to grow your business. How do you turn a $100 per week business into one generating $1,000 per week? It’s all about selling more items to make more money—and there are lots of ways to do that.

Trick #91: Differentiate Your Business

It’s not that difficult to sell $100 worth of stuff a week on eBay. Anybody can do it, just by selling junk out of their basement or attic (of course, your sales drop when you run out of junk to sell. . .).

It’s a lot harder to sell $1,000 a week. You can’t do this by selling your old and unwanted stuff; you need a real business model to achieve this level of sales. And it isn’t just about locating a source for inventory, ...

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