eBAY Business Profile: BookIT Enterprises

Business Profile

Business name: BookIT Enterprises

eBay ID: bookitlbr

eBay Store: stores.ebay.com/Bookit-Inc

Website: www.bookitinc.com

Type of business: Books

Owner: Grant Thiessen

Location: Neche, North Dakota

eBay has been a good venue for used bookstores. Being able to offer vintage inventory to collectors across the country has helped many booksellers grow well beyond what they could have done locally.

One such used bookseller who’s benefited from the eBay experience is Grant Thiessen, owner of BookIT Enterprises. This is his story.

Bookselling Evolves

Grant has been selling books for more than 40 years, mainly via mail order. To him, eBay is just the latest venue for his bookselling business. ...

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