Chapter 1

Going from Zero to TRIZ

In This Chapter

arrow Appreciating the powerful TRIZ logic

arrow Getting going with TRIZ problem solving

arrow Developing ninja problem-solving skills

We’ve all got problems, right? And largely we can work out how to solve them, even when the problems seem really tough. Human beings are designed to be problem solvers, and we’re generally really good at it, so why do we need to go back to the drawing board and learn a new way to tackle problems?

Well, because it’s possible to learn from each other – and from problem solvers in the past. TRIZ is an attempt to try to cut across different disciplines and ‘bottle’ the fundamental logic of problem solving for everyone no matter what their job, speciality or area of expertise.

The greatest achievements in the arts and sciences have come about because people have been able to build on the previous work of others. When developments and breakthroughs have occurred – whether the drawing of perspective in art or the theory of gravity or the discovery of DNA – they’ve been shared so they can be built upon rather than rediscovered over and over again. However, these developments, and the preceding problems and solutions, are ...

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