Chapter 6

Using the TRIZ Effects Database

In This Chapter

arrow Finding innovative solutions with existing knowledge

arrow Using the Effects Database

arrow Inventing with TRIZ

Whatever kind of problem solving you’re doing – inventing or looking for solutions to immediate problems – you are not on your own. You have the knowledge and experience of the world at your fingertips: by learning to think conceptually, you can discover and reapply the relevant existing solutions in novel applications. Anyone can learn to be an inventor, and TRIZ shows you how.

When you’re problem solving, using any of the TRIZ tools, you distil your real-world, detailed, factual problem to a conceptual problem. You can then see how your problem is similar to other problems the world has faced before. You can access the clever solutions other people have come up with in the past and reapply them in new ways to develop practical and innovative solutions to your problems. This chapter looks at some of the tools available to us all.

The TRIZ Effects Database is a unique resource within TRIZ: a catalogue of all the known scientific and engineering effects discovered so far, arranged into simple questions and answers. I explore ...

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