Chapter 9

Living in Utopia (then Coming Back to Reality)

In This Chapter

arrow Uncovering all needs

arrow Challenging and then defining constraints

arrow Bringing your ideal into the real world

arrow Making sensible decisions

The Ideal Outcome is the TRIZ tool for defining requirements quickly and clearly at the beginning of any project or task – no matter how big or small. The Ideal Outcome is a utopian mindset that changes how you approach problems and solutions, and is one of the most powerful tools for encouraging clear and creative thinking.

One of the really important aspects of the Ideal Outcome is that it enables you to think of all the things you want. It’s a bit like thinking about what you’d do if you won the lottery: what you’d do if money were no object … but not just money – ignoring any constraints of practicality. Setting your Ideal Outcome is a very powerful exercise for clear thinking. Clearly defining what you really want drives innovation and often enables you to find something that more perfectly matches your needs than you’d imagined.

Defining the Ideal Outcome

Your Ideal Outcome ...

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