Chapter 10

Problem Solving and Being Creative with Others

In This Chapter

arrow Pushing the boundaries of your thinking

arrow Developing problem-solving persistence

arrow Working creatively with other people

Being a genius at your job and a whizz with TRIZ only gets you so far. The psychological and social aspects to problem solving can make a huge difference to its success, and the effective application of TRIZ also helps you manage these aspects effectively.

This chapter considers how best to use TRIZ when working with others, to ensure you come up with the best results and experience the least pain along the way.

Going for What You Really Want

One of the most important philosophical aspects of TRIZ is that it helps us believe that things can be better. You start by saying that it’s possible to improve anything and, even more boldly, that you’ll get everything you want. This positive attitude takes you much further than starting with a pragmatic attitude of trying to find the easiest, smallest change possible.

tip If you need a solution that’s easy to do, then that can be part of what you’re looking ...

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