Chapter 15

Ten Pitfalls to Avoid

In This Chapter

arrow Avoiding a bad start with TRIZ

arrow Recognising the wrong kind of problems

arrow Spotting common problem-solving mistakes

Having been round the block a few times with TRIZ, I see the same old mistakes time and again. This chapter describes the ten commonest pitfalls I try to steer my clients clear of, both when starting off with TRIZ and when tackling real-world problems.

Thinking TRIZ Doesn’t Apply to You

If I received a pound every time someone told me that TRIZ wouldn’t help him because the problems in his industry are completely unique, I’d be, well, loaded. However, believing that your problems are unlike anyone else’s is flawed thinking – and not very TRIZzy.

remember People often ask to see case studies demonstrating TRIZ’s application in their specific, often narrow, field before they believe it can be useful. The logic of TRIZ is that the same fundamental problems occur again and again across all industries and applications. One of TRIZ’s greatest strengths is its fabulous pedigree of applying engineering and scientific research to create ...

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