Chapter 16

Ten Tips for Getting Started with TRIZ

In This Chapter

arrow Getting the best results with TRIZ

arrow Understanding the most effective TRIZ methods

In this chapter you’ll find simple hints and tips to get you started using TRIZ effectively and making TRIZ innovation a new habit. TRIZ has enormous rigour and depth, and sometimes people can feel a bit intimidated when they first encounter it … they don’t know where to start putting it into practice. What follows are some recommendations based on my experience as a teacher and facilitator. And, of course, as someone who learned TRIZ herself (many moons ago)!

Learn It

You need to become familiar with the TRIZ tools before you can use them. Get to know the 40 Inventive Principles, the Standard Solutions, Trends and so on and make an effort to find new examples of these TRIZ tools put into practice.

tip Every morning, get out the list of the 40 Inventive Principles, pick one and try to think of examples of it in action. Do the same with the other tools and become familiar with what they mean. You don’t need to learn them all by heart, but you do need to understand how they work in order to use them in real problem-solving situations.

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