Examples of XenApp® issues

Now, we are well aware about what information we should collect before we begin troubleshooting XenApp issues. As per the best practices, all XenApp issues come under some categories, a node where we faced issues, and these categories are listed as:

  • Citrix installation issues:
    • XenApp installation issues
    • Storefront installation issues
  • XenApp component issues:
    • IMA service failures
    • ICA session connectivity problems
    • Data store corruption
  • Profile issues:
    • Windows user profile errors
    • Folder redirection
    • Group policy and registry problems
  • Printing issues:
    • Citrix Print Driver/Policy Failures
    • Citrix Print Manager service crashes

Let's have some real-life examples of XenApp issues.

Citrix installation issues

Often, while installing Citrix XenApp ...

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