APPENDIX ADownloadable Files

This appendix lists all the files used throughout the book. It also describes the test environment, which is important because some scripts will work correctly only when a specific configuration is in place.

Test Environment

My test server is a Dell PowerEdge 1900, equipped with a quad-core Xeon processor (E5320, 1.86GHz), 4GB of memory, two mirrored SATA disks (Samsung Spinpoint, 300GB, 7,200rpm) for the operating system and all other applications, and four striped SAS disks (Seagate Cheetah, 73GB, 15,000rpm) for the database files. The server is connected to my workstation and to the other test clients through a gigabit network and switch.

The operating system is CentOS1 4.4 x86_64. The following versions of the ...

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