Additional Commands for Troubleshooting

This section contains some additional commands that may be useful when troubleshooting L2F.

show vpdn history failure

The show vpdn history failure command displays the VPDN history failure table.

Example 2-126 shows the output of the show vpdn history failure command.

Example 2-126. Output of the show vpdn history failure Command
LODI_NAS1#show vpdn history failure
						Table size: 20
						Number of entries in table: 1
						User:, MID = 11
						NAS: LODI_NAS1, IP address =, CLID = 2
						Gateway: PERRIS_HGW1, IP address =, CLID = 2
						Log time: Jan  8 21:44:36.891, Error repeat count: 1
						Failure type: The remote server closed this session
						Failure reason: Soft shutdown/session limit LODI_NAS1# ...

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