Other Commands

This section briefly covers some other commands that might be useful when troubleshooting L2TPv3.

show l2tun tunnel all

The show l2tun tunnel all command can be used to display information about the L2TPv3 control connection.

Example 5-49 shows output from the show l2tun tunnel all command.

Example 5-49. show l2tun tunnel all Command Output
London_LCCE#show l2tun tunnel all
						Tunnel Information Total tunnels 1 sessions 1
						Tunnel id 61973 is up, remote id is 39248, 1 active sessions
						Tunnel state is established, time since change 00:06:01
						Tunnel transport is IP (115)
						Remote tunnel name is Frankfurt_LCCE
						Internet Address, port 0
						Local tunnel name is London_LCCE
						Internet Address, port 0 Tunnel domain is VPDN group for ...

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