Additional Troubleshooting Commands

This section introduces additional commands that might be useful in troubleshooting MPLS VPNs.

show ip cef vrf vrf_name detail

The show ip cef [vrf vrf_name] [prefix] detail command can be used to view detailed information about CEF FIB entries.

Example 6-177 shows the VRF mjlnet_VPN CEF FIB entry for prefix

Example 6-177. show ip cef vrf vrf_name detail Command Output
Chengdu_PE#show ip cef vrf mjlnet_VPN detail, version 52, epoch 0, cached adjacency 0 packets, 0 bytes tag information set, all rewrites owned local tag: VPN route head fast tag rewrite with Fa1/0,, tags imposed {35 16} via, 0 dependencies, recursive next hop, ...

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