Chapter 19. E-Mail Calamities

O! The joys of e-mail. Sending an e-mail is one thing, but the thrill of getting new e-mail is something that sells computers. Given that, you can understand how some folks can get really frustrated with their e-mail programs. Despite its simplicity and ease of use, e-mail can be a source of woe and can present puzzling predicaments for just about everyone. This chapter offers soothing solutions for everyone.

General E-Mail Nonsense

E-mail is such a simple thing, yet your e-mail program is perhaps the most complex application you will ever use. I could pack an entire book full of tips and tricks specific to any e-mail program, and not a single one of them would be considered advanced or obtuse. That's just the nature of the e-mail beast.

It was a tough task, but I was able to pinpoint a few key nonsensical issues with e-mail and stuff them and their solutions into this section.

Receiving duplicate messages

The main reason for receiving duplicate messages is that your e-mail program is leaving a copy of each message on your ISP's mail server. So every time you go to check mail, you grab the same message over and over.

The normal mode of operation in any e-mail program is to delete messages after they're retrieved from the server. But that option can be changed. For example, if you have your phone or laptop set to receive e-mail, you may want to leave messages on the server for later retrieval from your desktop PC. Either way, the setting is made in your e-mail ...

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