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Trust in Transition: Navigating Organizational Change

Book Description

Culture is the key to a successful change initiative.

Organizations announce changes every day and expect, or at least hope, that people will react positively to them. The success, however, has everything to do with how leaders manage the transition.

Trust in Transition breaks down the entire change process—from the initial idea to the execution phases—identifying leverage points along the way that have a profound impact on the outcomes. Bob Whipple simplifies the issues, explaining that at its core, successful transitions happen because of positive human interaction. The concepts and techniques in this book will help you successfully merge two groups into a single functional unit using successful creative solutions.

This book:

  • presents a two-sided model contrasting the mechanical and cultural sides of a change effort

  • teaches you how to create and maintain trust during change

  • gives a clear view of the pitfalls and what to avoid

  • discusses antidotes for each issue presented and how to make reorganization efforts more effective

  • walks through a recovery process to help your people recover equilibrium.

The book comes with 12 author videos that make it a complete learning system which can be found at www.astd.org/trustintransition.