This appendix contains example of trustworthy cloud service FileManager [146] developed for the Microsoft Azure cloud platforms. The sample cloud service is developed by Evgeny Korolev, my bachelor student, in 2015 as his bachelor's thesis [147] developed and proved under my supervision at St. Petersburg University. The cloud service is available at [146] for free use. The service provides functionality for upload and temporary storage of files in Microsoft Azure cloud. The appendix contains description of the cloud service architecture, implementation, functionality, and the source codes of the most important classes and methods of the cloud service. The full source code of the cloud service is available at [148].

Surely the FileManager cloud service is very simple and is not a real life commercial application. But I have included it in the book as a helpful educational example. There are many other cloud commercial services that provide similar functionality. But, nevertheless, the cloud service does some useful job and can be used for its goal of uploading and storing files in the Azure cloud. The FileManager cloud service can be regarded as an example of a successful project performed by a good fourth year student for 1–2 months who just did not know cloud computing before the project. During his work on the project, the author used free academic access granted by Microsoft Research. I, as the scientific ...

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