To get better acquainted with the subject of the book, let us first understand what the key ideas and motivations of cloud computing are, why it is so attractive, popular, prospective, hot, and fashionable worldwide, what are the issues of the cloud approach and directions of its future development, and what kind of interest and activity relative to cloud computing different categories of people demonstrate right now.


The metaphor of the cloud, depicting a symbol of the Internet or any other network, appeared long ago, probably in the 1960s when the first networks appeared. However, a picture of the cloud itself is not enough to explain the key ideas of cloud computing. To understand the motivation and the essence of cloud computing better, let us consider how the viewpoint on using computers to make computations or to get access to some data has changed over the years. The key questions are as follows: what is the best way to use computer services, what is required from the user (client) to do that, and what is the center of the computation in different approaches to it?

In the 1950s, computers were isolated “monsters,” each occupying a large hall, requiring huge amounts of electric power, water, or air cooling, a brigade of people taking care of the computer hardware and software, and serving as intermediary between the computer and its users. The only way to use a computer was to get full personal access ...

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