Tumblr For Dummies Portable Edition

Book description

Create a Tumblelog and start posting--this fun, portable guide shows you how

Tumblr may be a microblogging platform, but there's nothing micro about it. There's no limit to what you can post in your blog--from text, photos, and links to audio, video, slideshows, and more. Now you can join the over 28 million Tumblelogs on Tumblr with this handy, portable guide. In the popular, For Dummies, easy-access style, this practical book shows you exactly what to do to get the most out of Tumblr. Set up your account, choose a theme, post from your computer or phone, see how to reblog content, and before you know it, you're off and Tumbling.

  • Guides you in how to join and get the most out of Tumblr

  • Shows you how to set up an account, choose a theme, customize your Tumblelog, and use the dashboard

  • Explains how to follow other Tumblr users and reblog their content, and post from your browser, phone, or email

  • Offers tips, trick, and techniques to make everything easy

  • All the detail you need to get up and running on this fun microblogging platform is here, in Tumblr For Dummies Portable Edition.

    Table of contents

    1. Cover
    2. Table of Contents
    3. Title Page
    4. Introduction
      1. About This Book
      2. Conventions Used in This Book
      3. Foolish Assumptions
      4. Icons Used in This Book
      5. Where to Go from Here
    5. Chapter 1: Setting Up Your Tumblr Blog
      1. Creating Your Account
      2. Selecting Your Account Settings
      3. Setting Your Account Preferences
      4. Customizing Your Blog
    6. Chapter 2: Creating Your First Post
      1. Exploring the General Posting and Formatting Options
      2. Creating Different Types of Posts
    7. Chapter 3: Deciding What Content to Post
      1. Exploring Topics to Post
      2. Creating versus Collecting Content
    8. Chapter 4: Using the Dashboard
      1. Using the Dashboard Menu
      2. Creating New Blogs
      3. Searching for Help
      4. Editing Preferences
      5. Logging In and Out
      6. Getting to Know the Sidebar
      7. Launching Your Site
    9. Chapter 5: Managing Posts and Messages
      1. Editing and Deleting Posts
      2. Reviewing Messages
      3. Making Drafts
      4. Working with the Queue
      5. Using the Mass Post Editor
    10. Chapter 6: Following, Liking, and Reblogging
      1. Following Other Blogs
      2. Managing Followers of Your Blog
      3. Liking Posts
      4. Reblogging Posts
      5. Adding Tumblr Share Buttons to a Non-Tumblr Site
    11. Chapter 7: Interacting with Others
      1. Asking and Answering Questions
      2. Making and Accepting Submissions
      3. Sending and Receiving Fan Mail
      4. Attending Meetups
    12. Chapter 8: Exploring Tumblr
      1. Searching by Tags
      2. Exploring Tumblr by Category
      3. Checking Out Sites Featured on Spotlight
      4. Searching for People on Tumblr
      5. Discovering Tumblr’s Goodies
    13. Chapter 9: Discovering, Modifying, and Designing Themes
      1. Exploring Tumblr’s Theme Garden
      2. Editing a Theme’s HTML
      3. Exploring the Basics of Creating a Theme
      4. Exploring Online Tumblr Theme Tutorials
    14. Chapter 10: Ten Useful Third-Party Apps for Tumblr
      1. HelloTxt
      2. Ping.fm
      3. Blip.fm
      4. TumblrStats
      5. Zemanta
      6. Missing e
      7. LinkWithin Related Posts
      8. Tumblr Tag Clouds
      9. Pikchur
      10. Postling
    15. Appendix: Tumblr Resources
      1. Using the Help Center
      2. Finding Tumblr Help Online

    Product information

    • Title: Tumblr For Dummies Portable Edition
    • Author(s):
    • Release date: May 2012
    • Publisher(s): For Dummies
    • ISBN: 9781118335956