Creating Different Types of Posts

Posting to Tumblr is a very intuitive process, because each post type uses a similar input form and offers you the same general posting and formatting options. In this section, you’ll find basic rules for creating a post, followed by in-depth details about each post type. To create a post, follow these general steps:

1. On the Dashboard, click the button for the type of post you want to create, as shown in Figure 2-2.


Figure 2-2: To create a new Tumblr post, click one of the seven post types at the top of the Dashboard.

2. Fill in the information you want to include in your post.

The options you see depend on the type of post you’re creating. See the following sections for specific options.

3. Add the basic posting options in the right sidebar as desired.

For the lowdown on these options, see the preceding section.

4. To preview your new post before publishing, click the Preview button.

5. Click the Create post button to create the new post.

Or click Cancel to cancel the post and return to the Dashboard.


A text post is the most basic type of post in that it has only two fields for you to fill in (refer to Figure 2-1):

check.png Title (optional): Enter a title for your post. If no title is needed, leave this field blank.

Post: Enter the text ...

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