4 CO 2 Isotope Lasers and Their Applications | 6 |
Laboratory community. In particular, I wish to thank the following individuals
(listed in alphabetical order): J. W. Bielinski, L. C. Bradley, C. P. Christensen,
J. A. Daley, L. E. Freed, T. R. Gurski, H. A. Haus, E. D. Hinkley, A. Javan, R. H.
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Sullivan, J. E. Thomas, S. A. Tirrell, and C. H. Townes. I also received much
appreciated help and cooperation from K. M. Evenson and E R. Petersen
(NBS/NIST), K. J. Siemsen (NRC), K. Nill (Laser Analytics), W. Lo (General
Motors Research Labs), and P. K. Cheo (University of Connecticut). Finally, I
want to express my deepest appreciation to Barbara A. Raymond for a wonderful
job in typing the manuscript of this chapter.
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