Tuscany SCA in Action

Book description

Tuscany SCA in Action is a comprehensive, hands-on guide for developing technology-agnostic, extensible applications. By following a travel-booking example throughout the book, you'll learn how to model, compose, deploy, and manage applications using SCA. The book emphasizes practical concerns, like effectively using Tuscany's supported bindings and protocols and integrating with standard technologies like Spring and JMS to save development time and cost.

About the Technology

Tuscany SCA is a technology-neutral infrastructure for building composite applications based on the Service Component Architecture standard. It manages the protocols and other application plumbing, enabling you to focus on business logic and the relationship between services. The resulting applications are more flexible, scalable, and maintainable.

About the Book

What's Inside
  • Introduction to Tuscany
  • Coverage of Service Component Architecture
  • Practical examples and techniques
  • Written by core Tuscany committers

About the Reader

This book is for developers interested in service-oriented applications. No experience with Tuscany or SCA is required.

About the Authors

Simon Laws is a member of the IBM Open Source SOA project focused on building the Java runtime for Service Component Architecture (SCA). Coauthors Mark Combellack, Raymond Feng, Haleh Mahbod, and Simon Nash are all Tuscany committers.

A great resource.
- Jeff Davis, Author of "Open Source SOA"

A must-have guide.
- Alberto Lagna, biznology.it

The A-Z of SCA from the source.
- Ara Ebrahimi, CityGrid Media

Offers insights and techniques that help you put it all together.
- Doug Warren, Java Web Services

Start being productive with Tuscany SCA right away.
- Jeff Anderson, Deloitte

Product information

  • Title: Tuscany SCA in Action
  • Author(s): Simon Nash, Haleh Mahbod, Raymond Feng, Mark Combellack, Simon Laws
  • Release date: February 2011
  • Publisher(s): Manning Publications
  • ISBN: 9781933988894