Chapter 5. Twitter AdLibs

MadLibs! You know ‘em. You love ‘em. Those outrageous and compelling fill-in-the-blank games always lead to the funniest (and usually grossest) places. Lucky for us, the game’s short format translates well to Twitter and can be a ___________ load of fun!

To prepare for this game, create a list of quotes or sentences or one-liners that relate to your products, services, company, or topic area. You could also grab a full paragraph of text from your website, your mission statement, your company bio, your product descriptions, etc. Strategically remove a few key words from every sentence where you think substitute words could have the funniest effect.

For example, here’s an excerpt from my bio on the website for Catalyst Webworks. (I’ll use my own so as not to risk offending anyone else.)

Jesse has over 12 years of experience as a web designer, programmer, and web strategist. He speaks about web marketing at conferences across the country. Jesse is the author of eight books about conducting business on the web.

The tweets you send out should look something like this—use the underscore to signify the blank spaces, and number your messages if the sentences you’re sending combine into one full paragraph.

“Jesse has over 12 _______ of _______ as a web designer, programmer, and ___________. #adlibs 1/3”
“He ________ about web marketing at __________ across the country. ...

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