Chapter 24. I’ve Got The Golden Ticket!

You’ve seen the dance. You’ve heard the song. You can probably picture most of the scene right now. It might be the famous fictional contest ever created. The excitement that erupts when Charlie and his grandfather find the fifth golden ticket in Willy Wonka’s chocolate bar is now embedded in the collective American memory. It’s a great moment in film, and it can be a great moment for you as well. This project aims to recreate that excitement—at least in a small way—for you and your own customers.

If you’ve got a business that ships products to customers, wholesalers, or retailers, you can make this project work for you. If you’ve got a restaurant that wraps food in any way before serving it, this project could work for you. And, if you’ve got a retail shop, and can slip tickets in your customers’ bags, this project could work for you. If you’re a bookstore and can slip a golden bookmark into your customers’ books, this project could work for you. If you’re creative and think through your customer interaction process, I bet you can find a way to slip a ticket in there somewhere.

This project requires a fair amount of preparation and promotion, so, if you’re thinking you’re going to give this one a shot, be sure to set aside enough time and resources to pull it off successfully.

The first step is to get excited! You get to play the role of Willy ...

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