Chapter 6. Logging In and Managing Your Account

In This Chapter

  • Manage a user's account from the API

  • Logging in with OAuth methods

  • Working examples of the API in PHP

This chapter profiles methods for logging in and managing your account. This includes

  • Account methods

  • OAuth methods

You can use account management methods to do things like change your profile picture, update personal information, view your API rate limit, and so on. The details on the OAuth methods can help you roll your own OAuth login system.

Account Methods

Account methods are used to modify or view data pertaining to a particular Twitter profile. Profile data includes things such as your name, location, bio, Web page link, profile background, and profile colors. It also includes methods that verify the provided account credentials, check the profiles remaining rate limit, and end the users Twitter session.

Here are the Twitter account methods:

  • account/verify_credentials

  • account/rate_limit_status

  • account/end_session

  • account/update_delivery_device

  • account/update_profile

  • account/update_profile_colors

  • account/update_profile_image

  • account/update_profile_background_image

Verify a user's credentials

To verify a user's supplied Twitter credentials, authenticate and call the account/verify_credentials method.


This method presumes you are asking users for their Twitter credentials to carry out API calls on their behalf. This type of authentication is not necessary anymore, and Twitter recommends that you use OAuth to authenticate users. ...

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