Chapter 6

Who’s Using Twitter

In This Chapter

arrow Meeting the regular folks who tweet

arrow Understanding the “verifieds”

arrow Seeing how companies reach out on Twitter

arrow Keeping up with politicians who use Twitter

arrow Tweeting with celebrities

arrow Identifying automated Twitter accounts

Because Twitter is so open and direct, it can open doors and grant astonishing access to people you can’t otherwise approach. It’s become an effective tool for reaching out to people, companies, and even celebrities, both on- and offline.

Have you ever thought “I wish I could talk to someone higher up the ladder and get a real solution to this problem!” or even “I’d love to be able to tell this person or that company what a good job they do, but I don’t have their contact info!”? Well, Twitter can help you bridge that gap.

It’s no longer surprising to see which companies, people, and brands have jumped onto Twitter. If anything, ...

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