Chapter 7

How to Tweet Like Tweeps Do

In This Chapter

arrow Minding your Twitter manners

arrow Adding links to your Twitter updates

arrow Sharing your location

arrow Tweeting like a pro with text message notifications

You’ve signed up for Twitter, you’re discovering your flock, and now it’s time to accept that you’re a tweep: a Twitter person or, more accurately, a Twitter “peep.”

Along with tweep comes various Twitter vernacular, which is why this chapter is dedicated to increasing your Twitter fluency, understanding when and how to craft your Tweets, and using text messages to update or interact on Twitter.

Following Twitter Protocol

Many Twitter neophytes want to know what the rules are or whether Twitter has standard protocol and etiquette. Like many other social media sites, Twitter sprang from a close-knit group of early adopters who set the rhythm. Because Twitter was a favorite of Silicon Valley’s new-media elite long before it broke into the mainstream, some insider jokes and conventions used can be confusing, but they’ve since become part of the lexicon.

Longtime users have certainly fallen into ...

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