Chapter 14

Changing the World, One Tweet at a Time

In This Chapter

arrow Promoting change

arrow Organizing people

arrow Starting your own events

Twitter is a great communications tool for businesses and individuals alike, and it has the potential to connect people and create relationships over a variety of discussions, interests, and geographies. When people use Twitter to grow their communities and share observations and insights on issues and situations that matter to them, interesting things start to happen. Twitter becomes a touchpoint by which users try to improve their worlds.

In this chapter, we share true stories of global and social-change initiatives that either started or were facilitated by the use of Twitter, as well as world and local events aided by Twitter. We close the chapter with a few examples that illustrate Twitter’s ability to spread messages of goodwill and world improvement through its user base.

Twittering the Globe for Change

Twitter offers a platform for immediate news delivery and instant communication with millions of twitterers around the world. Chapter 12 extensively reviews Twitter as a news source; this chapter focused on the revolutionary, and oftentimes inspiring, ...

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