7The Magic of Connecting with Customers on Twitter

When you produce interesting tweets, your followers benefit.

They find their way to your site, where they can pick up valuable information.

They enjoy the benefits of special offers and discount codes.

They gain a greater understanding of the sort of products, services, and information you provide.

They feel part of a community that shares even more useful information and that provides support, too.

They can have a good time as well.

But a solid group of followers is also a resource for you, and not just because some of those followers will go ahead and make purchases either from you or from your sponsors. They're valuable because they're a giant source of information.

They're a source of information about your market and your products.

They're a source of information about who's talking about you, spreading your name, and winning you referrals.

And they're a source of information about all sorts of things that can help you improve your products and grow your business.

In this chapter, we're going to explain how Twitter users are using the site to build a focus group of customers that they can draw on to increase their bottom line.

Identifying Problems and Soliciting Feedback

The people who choose to follow you on Twitter are your most dedicated customers. They're the ones who want to be the first to know when you release a new product. They want to know what you're planning next, to pick up discounts that will cut the cost ...

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