10Leveraging Twitter to Drive Follower Behavior

We've seen that there are all sorts of different ways of writing tweets. We've seen that there are all sorts of different ways you can use Twitter, too.

The most common way marketers want to use Twitter, though, is to produce immediate results. They see their followers as a pool of people who will one day give them money—either directly or with the help of advertising—and they want to write tweets that create that effect.

There's nothing wrong with that. It's possibly a little shortsighted, but there's really nothing wrong with it.

You can certainly create tweets that drive your followers to take the steps that you want them to take. Sometimes. But you have to be careful.

Your Twitter timeline is not a sales page. Gripping headlines and hard calls to action on Twitter are more likely to drive people away than drive them to buy. Your tweets need to be subtle. You have to build interest and trust in your online community. Only then will your followers feel that doing what you want them to do will be worth their while.

In this chapter, which we think is the most important chapter in the book, we're going to explain how to drive traffic to a website, how to use surveys to gain data and build responses, and how to mine your customers for valuable feedback.

We'll then discuss how to build effective, action-oriented Twitter strategies and how to keep track of the results.

Let's start by looking at the ways that you can drive followers ...

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