Chapter 6. Who's Using Twitter

In This Chapter

  • Meeting the regular folks who tweet

  • Seeing how companies reach out on Twitter

  • Keeping up with politicians who use Twitter

  • Tweeting with celebrities

  • Identifying syndicated and community-created Twitter accounts

Because Twitter is so easy to use, Twitter opens doors and grants you all kinds of accessibility to people you might never have had access to before. It's become an effective tool for reaching out to people, companies, and even celebrities, both on- and offline.

Have you ever thought, "I wish I could talk to someone higher up the ladder and get a real solution to this problem!" or even "I'd love to be able to tell this person or that company what a good job they do, but I don't have their contact info!"? Well, Twitter can help you bridge that gap.

You may be surprised to see which companies, people, and brands have jumped onto Twitter. In this chapter, we cover some of these well-known Twitter users. You can take a look through this chapter to see whether the person or company that you want to find is already here.

Tweeting with Regular People

After it gained a foothold among the digital-media enthusiasts at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in 2007, Twitter quickly became a playground for techies and geeks. But over time, people from all walks of life have discovered Twitter and embraced it. Twitter allows a user to communicate effectively with one person or many, and the benefits can work for anyone.

Twitter has become a quick ...

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