Type Image, Message_CD106-9 / 4028
Fusion_3_064-107.indd 64Fusion_3_064-107.indd 64 1/11/06 6:51:58 PM1/11/06 6:51:58 PM
Type Image, Message_CD106-9 / 4028
Type and image merge into one entity
With fusion, a unifying force synthesizes the type and the image.
Here the alliance of form and meaning presents itself in a strong
visual coherence—a cause and effect”—that is immediately
apparent to the viewer. Some images and text are optically
altered, and others are circumstantial through motion or
juxtaposition, but they are all the result of deliberate,
holistic choices made by the designer. Like a poem, fusion
transforms experiences and concepts through careful
craft and technique.
Fusion_3_064-107.indd 64Fusion_3_064-107.indd 64 1/11/06 6:50:35 PM1/11/06 6:50:35 PM
Type Image, Message_CD106-9 / 4028
Fusion_3_064-107.indd 65Fusion_3_064-107.indd 65 1/11/06 6:52:38 PM1/11/06 6:52:38 PM
Type Image, Message_CD106-9 / 4028
To blend two or more things
that aren’t customarily related
to make a strong association
between them
To strengthen an existing
conceptual connection through
harmony and integration in
order to present a galvanized
point of view, such as a
political or poetic statement
To create an altered reality that
challenges the viewer to
reexamine a particular subject
from an unexpected perspective
Formal qualities
Optical effect:
spective, lens, or fi lter
Type and image are connected in
space by the use of perspective, a
shared vanishing point,
or an optical lens or fi lter.
Shared surface or texture
Type and image are woven into
the texture of, or adhered to, a
unifying surface—either the
picture plane or other homo-
geneous fi eld(s) in space.
Motion or gesture
Type and image are acted on
by a common force, or affected by
the implied motion of a human or
mechanical gesture.
Type and image are fused by
a calculated visual metaphor
that operates through mutual
dependency of the verbal and
pictorial elements.
Fusion_3_064-107.indd 65Fusion_3_064-107.indd 65 1/11/06 6:50:35 PM1/11/06 6:50:35 PM
Type Image, Message_CD206-11 / 4239
Fusion is one of the most ambitious ways to merge type and image.
For fusion to be successful, the interrelationship between the type and
image must be honest, coherent, and credible. Forming such a convincing
alliance requires both imagination and ingenuity.
In order to “wrap” the word Chicago around the existing building facades
in the primary image for this poster for an exhibition on Chicago
architecture, Philippe Apeloig patiently worked in his studio with large
letterforms on cardboard. He set the letters at various angles until he
achieved a logical optical viewpoint. Once the perfectly angled word was
superimposed over the photograph, the type and image jelled and the
poster was set in motion. The black word Chicago in forced perspective
leaps off the surface of the sepia-toned historical photograph and
underscores the emerging grandeur of the city at the turn of the last
century. The black frame around the image acts as a threshold to another
dimension, and visually reinforces the denotative presence of the
matching black type. This extends the illusion ever so slightly and
builds a poster space that surpasses the original photographic space.
Apeloig created large-
scale mock-ups of
the title type and
photographed them at
different camera angles.
He then imposed the
image of the type onto
the photograph.
Fusion_3_064-107.indd 66Fusion_3_064-107.indd 66 2/9/06 7:49:20 AM2/9/06 7:49:20 AM
Type Image, Message_CD206-11 / 4239
Philippe Apeloig’s fi nal
poster fuses type and
image into a sensational
depiction of Chicago
emerging as a preeminent
urban force at the turn of
the twentieth century.
Poster: Chicago,
Birth of a Metropolis
Musée d’Orsay
Paris, France
Philippe Apeloig
Apeloig Design
Paris, France
Fusion_3_064-107.indd 67Fusion_3_064-107.indd 67 2/9/06 7:54:39 AM2/9/06 7:54:39 AM

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