As someone whose academic beginnings focused on music and fine art, I was extremely lucky to have crossed paths with some of the most open-hearted and talented individuals in the world of typography and graphic design, almost in spite of myself. Aaron Burns, Ed Benguiat, Herb Lubalin, Bob Farber, and Allan Haley permanently altered my life's path, and I will be forever indebted to them. Their creative brilliance coupled with their incredible generosity of spirit ignited within me a passion for type that will never be satiated.

Through the years, there have been countless graphic designers, type designers, typographers, and other creative professionals who have unselfishly shared their knowledge and passion for type and design with me. To all of them I offer my deepest thanks, for without them, this book never would have come to be.

I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to my typographic "partners in crime," James Montalbano, Mark Jamra, Ken Barber, Otmar Hoefer, Thomas Phinney, and David Lemon, who have generously and willingly shared their expertise and resources.

A very warm thanks to my special friends Maxim Zhukov, Christopher Slye, Fred Brady, and Nat Brockman, who have so very graciously offered their time and professional assistance to help make this a better book.

In addition, a very special thanks goes out to Scott Fisk, Brian Lucid, Heather Shaw, and Jakob Trollbäck, whose knowledge and guidance helped make this edition a more useful, up-to-date tool for today's ...

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