Chapter 3. Creational Design Patterns

Creational design patterns in object-oriented programming are design patterns that are to be applied during the instantiation of objects. In this chapter, we'll be talking about patterns in this category.

Consider we are building a rocket, which has payload and one or more stages:

class Payload { 
  weight: number; 
class Engine { 
  thrust: number; 
class Stage { 
  engines: Engine[]; 

In old-fashioned JavaScript, there are two major approaches to building such a rocket:

  • Constructor with new operator
  • Factory function

For the first approach, things could be like this:

function Rocket() { 
  this.payload = { 
    name: 'cargo ship' 
  this.stages = [ 
      engines: [ 
        // ... 
var rocket = new Rocket(); 

And for the second approach, ...

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