Job:03171 Title:Typography Referenced (Rockport)
Page: 350
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Typography, Referenced
Job:03171 Title:Typography Referenced (Rockport)
Page: 350
Type-Specifi c Publications
Many long-established magazines dedicated to graphic design subjects, and particularly
to discussions about typography, have established good quality online portals in support of
their printed product. Some sites act principally as marketing tools for their magazine,
while others feature unique information threads that build on the printed content of each issue.
8 Faces
 Faces is only at issue two at the time of
this writing, but has already caused quite
a stir in the design community. Its fi rst
issue, limited to , copies available by
subscription through the website, sold
out in less than two hours. The maga-
zine is a biannual publication, printed on
heavy stock with a foil-blocked cover, and
will continue to be produced in limited
print runs for future issues.
The premise for each issue is simple:
Eight leading designers answer the ques-
tion, “If you only had eight typefaces to
use for the rest of your life, which would
you choose?” Those who miss out on the
printed edition can purchase the maga-
zine online as a  download.
Codex: The Journal
of Typography
At the time of writing, this magazine
has just published its fi rst edition, and
its pedigree indicates that it should be
something to look forward to. The man
behind, John
Boardley, edits it, and it will publish
quarterly and feature articles about type
history and design, type reviews, essays,
and interviews.
Computer Arts Projects
A spin-off of the successful United
Kingdom–based monthly magazine
Computer Arts, this is not strictly a
specialist typography magazine.
However, the concept behind Computer
Arts Projects is that each month, the full
magazine works around a specifi c theme,
and periodically that theme is typog-
raphy. Each edition includes relevant
step-by-step tutorials and professional
tips alongside profi les of key industry
players and in-depth editorial features
based around the monthly topic.
Each issue also comes with a disk full
of additional tutorials and resources
exclusive to the magazine.
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Job:03171 Title:Typography Referenced (Rockport)
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Type-Specifi c Resources
Job:03171 Title:Typography Referenced (Rockport)
Page: 351
Creative Review
Computer Arts Projects
Creative Review includes topics cover-
ing all aspects of graphic design, but a
large percentage of the articles cover
type-related issues. Established in
London in  but with a global circu-
lation, the print magazine is recognized
as an authoritative barometer of what is
happening in the world of graphics and
typography. Furthermore, its extensive
website features subject-driven tabs that
lter all type-specifi c articles, although
only subscribers can access much of the
online content.
Eye Magazine
London-based Eye magazine is a quar-
terly graphic design journal with issues
themed around speci c design topics,
including typography. The design stan-
dards and quality of the writing are
extremely high, with a raft of knowledge-
able industry commentators. Its a must
read for professional designers, students,
and indeed anyone with an interest in
graphic design and visual culture. Sub-
scriptions are available worldwide and
collectors covet the back issues.
 Magazine
 magazine covers all the bases with
regard to its content, not just typogra-
phy, but each of the six issues per year
contains type-specifi c articles. There
are occasionally special, combined, or
expanded issues, and subscribers get a
lot for their money.
Founded in  and published by
Cincinnati, Ohio–based  Publica-
tions, the magazines goal is to give
designers advice about how to be more
creative, manage their workload and
business, improve software skills, and
so on. Profi les of in uential and success-
ful design professionals also make up a
key portion of the magazine’s content.
The brand now extends beyond the print
magazine through its program of annual
events and conferences, its design com-
petitions, and its book-publishing arm.
Plus its website, which acts as a portal for
the range of
activities, is also infor-
mation-packed and a useful bookmark.
This cover shows detail from Roger
Excoff on’s original artwork for his Fonderie
Olive typeface Calypso. See “Mr Mistral”
by Sébastien Morlighem, Eye issue ,
volume , Spring , pp. –. Simon
Esterson (Eye art director), Jay Prynne
(art director), John L.Walters (editor).
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